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Fixing elements

Fixing elements
Proper and long-lasting functioning of elements in various mechanisms is made possible by components responsible for the hydraulic system security, preventing impurities from arising during the device’s operation. Scraper rings are more than just protection from dust or humidity for other machine elements like guide rings or sealings. Working in reciprocating motion, they allow equal placement of an optimally thin amount of grease on pistons or bearings, required for proper operation of the mechanism. Scraper rings offered by Ewmar-Ness are durable and easy to use, made of the highest class of materials, with high resistance to abrasion. A rich assortment of such products covers scraper rings that are suitable to work under conditions like temperature, friction, or various impurities.

  • Sleeves
  • Fixing rings
  • Washers

Adapter sleeves are the most commonly-used elements for stabilizing conical bore bearings on a roll pivot, because they allow for mounting the bearing both on even and deposited shafts. Sleeves montage is easy, and it doesn’t require determining their position onto the shaft.

Pushed-in sleeves can be used for both, because they allow for mounting the bearing both on even and deposited shafts. A sleeve is being pushed into the bearings’ opening, which is deposited on the shaft or other element mounted on the shaft. A mounted sleeve has to be secured on the shaft with a nut or a platen.


Bearing nuts are used to clamp bearings and other machine elements on the shaft, to mount bearings on cone pivots, and to demount bearings from the pushed-in sleeves.


Washers are easy, stable, and reliable mounting elements used for securing the bearing nuts.

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