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C80 Electric engine

C80-27 Monophased engine with a work oscillator
The engine’s tight aluminium housing enables the engine’s operation under tough environmental conditions, such as coal dust, hard coal dust, and dust. Ball bearings are placed in anti-vibrant inserts that ensure silent work and increase the engine’s durability. The engine is equipped with a thermal switch, protecting the engine from overheating.

Voltage rating: 230V/50Hz
Rated power returned: 26 W
Rated spin velocity: 2600 1/m
Rated power consumption: 62 W
Rated current: 0,27 A
Starting torque multiplication Mr/Mn: 0,8
Cos Ψ: 0,99
Spin direction: right
Weight: 1,35 kg
Durability: 8 000 hrs

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