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Sleeves and hubs

The Ewmar-Ness product range includes bearing sleeves, in the accessory tools category, used in the assembly of various roll bearings. Bearing sleeves allow for easy development and quick disassembly of the bearing and significantly simplify clamping bearings with cone opening onto the machine shafts.
Applying the sleeves allows for reducing shaft utilization costs—a sleeve-protected shaft doesn’t need to be grounded as often.
Bearing sleeves protect the shaft from excess wear and extend the lifetime of the mechanism.
Ewmar-Ness offers bearing sleeves produced by various manufacturers, available in many variants and sizes. Both pulled-in and pushed-in sleeves are available. Those components comply with all norms, produced from steel with proper hardness and abrasion resilience.
The producer advises to mount the original sleeves, which are made of the highest-quality materials, with dedicated accessories: cover plates, caps, and washers.
Conical sleeves
Hubs for welding
Screwed hubs/screw fasteners

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