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Round winding cables.

Winding cables have a variety of applications, including the automotive industry, energetics, electroenergetics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and many other industries. Winding cables made of copper (less often of aluminium) are characterised by high resistance to thermal factors, very good abrasion resistance, thermal overload, and high chemical resistance.
Copper-wound cables that Ewmar-Ness offers are available in a few variants with various coatings, which—according to the various factors of resistance classes—qualifies the cables for various appliance types. Highly damage-resistant copper winding cables enamelled with polyvinyloacetile lacquer can be used in oil transformers, while copper winding cables enamelled with polystroimyde (characterised by both a high thermal characteristic and resistant to temperatures up to 200 Celsius and a good chemical resistance) are used in the automotive industry.
Copper is an expensive material; that’s why it can be replaced with much-cheaper aluminium winding cables, if such a need occurs.

High flexibility and mechanical strength (IEC 60317-12) cables – cables enamelled with polyvinyloacetile lacquer, temp. class 120ºC, oil proof.
Used in oil transformers.
We offer Magneform cables of this type, manufactured by Essex. You can find a link to the catalogue of winding cables manufactured by Essex on the bottom of this page.
Cables which don’t aggrevate soldering (IEC 60317-20; IEC 60317-51) – cables enamelled with polyurethane lacquer, temp. class 155ºC or 180ºC. Used in windings for transmitters, transformers, low-power engines, ignition coils, telecommunications, measurement, and radio devices. Available on request with an additional layer of polyamid lacquer, recommended for high-speed, automatic winding engines.
In this field, we offer cables produced by LWW.ŚLĄSK (SOLIDER), ESSEX (MAGNESOL) and DAHRENTRAD (DASOL). Catalogues may be found on the bottom of this page.
High thermal-resistance cables (IEC 60317-13) – cables enamelled with polystroimyde lacquer, temp. class 200ºC. Cables with high thermal characteristics and good chemical resistance, used in engine transmitter windings, transformers, power tools, and the automotive industry.
In this field, we offer cables manufactured by LWW.ŚLĄSK (AMIDER), ESSEX (MAGNETEMP) and DAHRENTAD (DAMID). Catalogues of the manufacturers can be found on the bottom of this page.
Self-sintering housing cables (IEC 60317-37; IEC 60317-38) – cables enamelled with polystroimyde lacquer, temp class. 180ºC or 200ºC, used for manufacturing windings without additional impregnation.

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