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RV14 Fan

The vent’s housing is made of powder-painted steel plating. The engine is placed outside the housing and fixed with M4 screws, secured with a plastic shield. The shield prevents anything from touching the electric parts of the device. The engine’s metal rotor is fixed directly on the engine’s shaft. The vent’s sucking flange is secured with a shield, preventing anything from touching the turbine’s moving parts. The vent’s engine is made in H isolation class and can operate with a voltage spin speed controller. Controllers need to be tailored for operating with inductive load. The fan has a CE declaration of conformity. RV-14 type fans are tailored for blowing the air in C.H. boilers and other technological devices at environmental temperatures from -15C up to +40C and relative humidity up to 95%. The fan is not intended to work as a standalone home device or similar function. Main application: fine coal furnaces up to 35kW and coal furnaces.


Drive engine type: inductive zwartobiegunowy
Voltage rating: 230 V
Frequency rating: 50 Hz
Power input: 60 W
Currency rating: 0,4 A
Max. efficiency: 200 m3/h
Max. concentration: 240 Pa
Spins at max. efficiency: 1800 RPM
Spins at max. concentration:
2800 RPM
Work type: S1
Work placement: any
Protection level: IP 20
Main isolation: Class H
Protection from abnormal use: impedance protection
Acoustic power level: 62 dB(A)
Weight: 2,0 kg
Minimum voltage rating:
100 V


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