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ST-37 controller

Controller features

  • Controlling the fan and the worm or piston feeder
  • Controlling the CH and SWH pump
  • Ability to connect the ST-65 GSM module
  • Ability to connect the room regulator with RS or traditional communication
  • Weekly steerage (optional)

Controller equipment

  • LCD display
  • CH, SHW temperature sensor on the feeder (protection)
  • Has thermal protection
  • Panel case for housing the boiler, made of high-quality materials, resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Possibility of boilers being assembled in the OM-01 cas



Power supply: 230V/50Hz +/-10%
Controller’s maximum power consumption: 7W
Environment temperature: 5÷50°C
CH pump output load: 0.5A
SHW pump output load: 0.5A
Fan output load: 0.6A
Measurement precision: 1°C
Temperature setting range: 40÷80°C
Temperature sensor durability:
Safety pad: 6,3A


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