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Worm feeders

The feeder, which enables automation of the process of transporting the fuel to the boiler, is one of the products manufactured and distributed by Ewmar-Ness.
Transporting the appropriate fuel (eco-coal, fine coal, pellet, and other) from the dispenser to the boiler furnace is the feeder’s task. The combustion chamber is an integral part of the burner, allowing for highly-efficient combustion. The worm feeder, being a part of the proportioning mechanism, needs to deliver the fuel in proper doses at regular intervals.
Ewmar-Ness, worm feeders’ manufacturer, offers steel and cast iron feeders in different sizes and powers. Ewmar-Ness’s own motoreductors are a sub-assembly for all feeders manufactured by the company.
The company has manufactured each of its worm feeders using materials highly resistant to temperature, abrasion, and burnout during the device’s operation. These components are easy to use and service and have a long durability.

Automatic dust coal fuel feeder APPMd

The cast iron split type APPMd worm feeder is a burner cooperating with the central heating boiler, adapted for burning dust coal and other low-qualit...

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Retort fuel worm feeder type APPS

Retort fuel worm feeder type APPS is a steel burner, cooperating with an appropriate C.H. boiler. APPS multi-fuel burner is tailored for burning eco-c...

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