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Ewmar-Ness is a distributor of the Swedish company Fergas, specialising in transverse fans and turbines manufacturing. Fergas turbines are utilized by reputed companies and are based on innovative and patented systems.
The offer includes KNA radial turbines with blades bent forward, KNB radial turbines with blades bent backward, NCB transverse fans often used in floor heating, convectors, air curtains, gastronomy furniture, ovens, and fireplaces. The offer also includes airblast turbines used for blowing car seats, medical beds, etc.
The company has introduced into the market EC engines in transverse fans, in 2015. Engines with electronic commutation manufactured by Fergas have been designed from scratch, with energy-saving turbines in mind.


The Airblaster type turbine, patented by Fergas, has been designed especially for car seat ventilation. It is optimal for appliances with limited spac...

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KNB&NB Series

Fergas offers a wide spectrum of turbines with spinwise-bent blades, used in everything from small Airblaster type turbines to big and popular NCB tur...

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ClimaSeat actively removes heat and humid air from the carseat, making car driving more comfortable. Even if you are sweaty, your clothing remains dry...

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Special turbines

The research and development department, along with Fergas’ engineers, have developed a broad range of non-standard solutions. Many solutions tailor...

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Single and double radial turbines

Unique, created by FERGAS "key rivet" solution has been selected by customers around the world since 1979. Produced on a fully automated line with exc...

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Special Blowers

Years of experience on the market allowed the company FERGAS to develop many blowers designed specifically for the needs of the client including compa...

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NCB60 Blower

Blowers of this type have been the leader on the market for 25 years. They are used in a wide range of devices such as furnaces, fireplaces, refrigera...

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NCB45 Blower

Dimensionally indirect option, which is used in electric ovens, microwave ovens and refrigerators....

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NCB30 Blower

NCB30 type blower can be used in devices such as fireplaces, dishwashers, medical equipment and others in HVAC industry....

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