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Metallurgical goods

Ewmar-Ness is one of the leaders in Poland in the field of metallurgical goods distribution, manufactured by the biggest, most reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Cooperation with domestic and foreign steel plants, consisting in constant replenishing of stock, allows for delivering the orders at-hand or in a short period of time.
Products available in Ewmar-Ness offer (among others) are: mesh reinforcements, ribbed bars, wire rod, metal plates, slug plates, and cold-rolled belts.
Smooth or ribbed reinforcement grids are steel products used in construction. Steel ribbed bars distributed by Ewmar-Ness are tailored for welded constructions, carrying constructions, and dynamically-loaded constructions, among others, for concrete reinforcements. Ribbed and smooth wire rods are available in a number of sizes and come from different manufacturers. Steel plates are available in S235, S355, DC01 and other sorts, or in a form of chunk steel plates and II sort steel plates. Ewmar-Ness also accepts orders for other steel products, such as cylindrically cold-rolled belts.

Ribbed bars

Ribbed bars B500SP, BST500S and other classes Dimension range: fi 8 to fi 32 Manufacturers: CMC, Celsa, and Arcelor Mittal Ostrava...

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Wire rod

Ewmar-Ness offers wire rod, a product with a broad range of appliances in automotive, electrotechnical, or construction industry. The wire rod is manu...

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Lump sheet

Slug and II class plates...

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Steel plates

Ewmar-Ness’s rich metallurgical goods assortment, among others, consists of galvanized steel plates, manufactured by a number of companies, availabl...

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Cold-rolled belts

Ewmar-Ness also offers a wide spectrum of products manufactured by the Swedish bearing manufacturer, Svenska Kullagerfabriken (SKF), an international ...

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