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Motoreductors manufactured by Ewmar-Ness apply mainly as a drive for CH boiler feeders. They cooperate perfectly with multifuelled, automatic worm feeders on eco-peal coal, small coal, and with drawer feeders. Motoreductors are provided both in cotter pin version and key version.
EWM motoreductors consist of one or two work transmissions and a monophased, increased-torque engine.
The motoreductors offer has been extended with the hypoid motoreductor. Use of a highly-efficient hypoidal transmission and an energy-saving engine providing 0,03kW power ensures a low energy consumption level and non-vibrant operation.
To meet market demand, we have also introduced a pellet motoreductor. The most popular 4IK and 5IK motoreductors are available off the shelf; special versions require an individual order.

EWM gearmotor

The EWM motoreductor is made for worm engine feeder drives and drawer CH boilers. The worm motoreductor consists of one or two worm reductors and a m...

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