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Power Transmission Products

P.H. “EWMAR-NESS” Sp. z.o.o. in Sosnowiec offers a wide assortment of power transmission products: conveyor belts, clutches, sleeves and hubs, chains, sprocket wheels, pulleys and specialised tools.

Specialistic tools

Specialised tools Pulley set-up tools Shaft coaxiality set-up tools...

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Pulleys Pulleys for narrow-profile wedge belts Pulles for regular-profile wedge belts Pulleys for narrow-profile narrow pulleys HiTD pulleys Toot...

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Chain wheels

Sprocket wheels Metrical sprocket wheels ANSI sprocket wheels...

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Sleeves and hubs

The Ewmar-Ness product range includes bearing sleeves, in the accessory tools category, used in the assembly of various roll bearings. Bearing sleeves...

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SKF Flex clutches SKF Flex remote clutches Toothed clutches Grid clutches Chain clutches FRC clutches Centre clutches Universal Cardan coupli...

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Sleeve bolt chains Chains for oilfields Double-scale chains Specialised chains Silent-running chains Multiple-ladder chains ...

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Narrow-profile wrapped wedge belts Regular-profile wrapped wedge belts Narrow-profile, wrapped, narrow and side-cut wedge belts Toothed, narrow-p...

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