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Regular ball bearings

Regular ball bearings are the most commonly found type of bearings, because they suit the biggest number of applications. They are characterised by simple construction, ability to work with high speeds, they are durable and rugged, practically they don’t require any maintenance. Ball bearings are produced in many types:
– basic, open double-sided
– sealed bearings
– retaining groove bearings for spring ring, ringless or ring-embedded
Other types of regular ball bearings:
– stainless steel regular ball bearings
– double-row regular ball bearings
Angular ball bearings have mutually dislocated bearing tracks on the inner and outer ring. They are employed in bearings, which need to carry both radial and axis loads. The most common types are:
– angular single-row ball bearings
– angular double-row ball bearings
– angular one-row two-way ball bearings
– double-row tracking rolls
One-way longitudinal ball bearings comprise of the inner bank-embedded ring, outer house-embedded ring and a set of balls with a basket. They can be separated, so the rings and the set of balls with a basket can be mounted independently, what makes the development easier.
Two-way longitudinal ball bearings comprize of one bank-embedded inner ring, two outer rings and a set of balls with baskets. They can be separated, which makes the development easier. Particular parts can be mounted independently.

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