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Steel plates

Ewmar-Ness’s rich metallurgical goods assortment, among others, consists of galvanized steel plates, manufactured by a number of companies, available in many sizes and production technologies.
The offer includes both galvanized steel plates manufactured by hot-rolling and cold-rolled steel plates.
Hot-rolled steel plates are manufactured in high temperatures from intermediate products placed between two rolling cylinders. Hot-rolling requires lower deformation resistance, which makes the process less energy-consuming.
Cold-rolled plates are created between cylinders made of alloy steel in a temperature lower than the metal softening temperature. Thanks to this, it is highly resistant to damage.
Under the influence of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, the zinc coating creates a thin, surface layer of zinc carbonate, which is insoluble in water, commonly referred as the patina.
Patina prevents further zinc reactions, hampering its corrosion. Well-secured from corrosion, induced by environmental factors such as water and air, galvanized steel plates are used in various industries: construction industry (as roof coatings), automotive industry, and many others.

Galvanized steel plates class: S235JR, S235JR+N, S355J2+N, 16MO3, P265GH
Dimensions range: 3 – 100 mm, 1000×2000, 1250×2500, 1500×3000, 1500×6000, 2000×6000, 2000×12000 formats and cut from circles to a required size.
Steel plates manufacturers: Arcelor Mittal, Huta Pokój, Huta Częstochowa, Azovstal, Ilich, Severstal, and Dunaferr.

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