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Sterownik YETI

One of the most reliable controllers in the market. YETI microprocessor controller is designed to control the blow and the circulating pump operation in C.H. installations. Features the possibility of connecting a remote control.

Most important features of the YETI controller:

Smooth spins of the blower adjustment.
Offers the possibility of setting the maximum and minimum spins of the blower, allowing for picking the blower’s work power precisely.
Progressive startup of the blower, from minimum to maximum spins, extends the engine’s lifetime, and prevents sudden gas combustion from accumulating in the boiler. Competitive controllers usually offer only one parameter responsible for the blower power. YETI allows for setting minimum and maximum spins independently.

Fuel control
This feature is based on reducing the spins of the blower to the minimum, in case of temperature drop detection, despite the blower being turned on. Reducing the spins of the blower doesn’t lead to overheating of the C.H. boiler. This feature is activated after 30 minutes, if the given temperature has been reached or after 2 hours, if the given temperature hasn’t been reached (inflammation mode – 2 hours).

Controller turns on the circulation pump below 5C, which delays the freezing of certain, most endangered, C.H. installation elements.

After the heating season is over, the circulating pump is started every 14 days for 1 minute. This prevents the pump from stalling during the summer season. This feature works if the controller is turned on.

Automatic Setting Maintenance
The controller features automatic settings maintenance, in case of a blackout, and returns to prior operation after the power supply has been restored.

Default settings recovery
The controller features the possibility of bringing the default settings back. This feature is useful, in case the controller has been put out of order by inexperienced operators.

Emergency self-running thermostat
The external thermostat (emergency thermostat) acts as the installation’s protection from overheating, which may have arisen due to controller damage or improper operation of the device. This is a special element, which cuts the blower power supply, if the boiler’s temperature reaches 90°C.

User-programmable parameters
Blow time, interval between the blows, maximum and minimum spins of the blower, circulating pump activation temperature, controller’s shutdown temperature

Installer-programmable parameters
Apart from the configuration mode, accessible for every user, the unit features a special mode, allowing for setting additional service parameters (additional service manual).
Service mode enables programming:
blower characteristic – using this parameter, our controller can fully cooperate with any blower available in the market (maximum power limits apply)
blower power during the blow – we decide on our own about the power used by the blower during the blow
blower’s spin decrease range – how many degrees before the given temperature should the controller decrease the blower spins

minimum boiler temperature

Remote Control Feature
It is possible to connect an external remote control panel or a room thermostat to the YETI controller. Connecting an external control panel allows for selecting one of two controller operation modes: room and boiler. Connecting a standard room thermostat allows for maintaining the selected temperature in the room. Using a remote control panel allows for maintaining a constant room temperature, bringing fuel savings up to 30%.



Hysteresis: 1,0°C
Spin reduction range: 6°C
Reaction time: 30 min
Circulating pump activation temperature: 25÷70°C
Temperature setting range: 35-90°C
Blow time (possibility of turning the blow off): 5÷59 s
Time between blows: 1÷30 min
Maximum blower speed: up to 12 st.
Minimum blower speed:
from 1 st.
Controller’s shutdown temperature: 25÷50°C
Emergency thermostat activation temperature: – hardware external – ca. 90°C; – hardware internal – ca. 93°C; – software – 92°C
Environmental temperature during the controller’s operation: 5÷45°C
Power supply: ca. 230/50 V/Hz
Temperature’s sensor operation range: 0÷100°C
Output load capacity: – pump ca. 230V – 1 VA; – blower ca. 230V – 1 VA
Power consumption (controller only): 2 W
Low temperature pump activation: below 5°C
Weight: 0,9 kg

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